Monday, 5 April 2010

Day two in Cornwell

.....OK I will see if I can get today done too, but let's deal with yesterday first.

We started the day by heading to a little village called St Ives. It is absolutely stunning. It is a fishing village with tiny narrow and often very steep, streets. It has the most gorgeous shops, cafes and galleries. We spent a couple of hours just wandering. The photo above is the view we had when we stopped in one of the cafes for a drink.

We then went to an old tin mine site to see a steam engine , but it wasn't running so we moved on through a little town call St Just (lots and lots of 'St' places here!) and then onto Land's End. Land's End was quite disappointing as it is very commercialised (so commercialised that they can't get their signage right...check the two photos). We spent long enough to get the obligitory photos and then decided to get out of there and look for more interesting, less commercial places.

Harvey hitching a ride to Land's End in my handbag.

Harvey and I at the Land's End signpost.

We decided our next stop would be St Michael's Mount. We needed to visit this in the afternoon so that we could get there. St Michael's Mount is a castle on an island that you are able to walk to at low tide across a cobbled causeway. It is actually quite a pleasant walk and as the sun was shining yesterday it was lovely. It was still really windy and we still needed our layers on but the sun was out! The castle and the church on the top of the mount are medieval. It was quite a steep climb up, but well worth the effort. The views from the top were stunning and the castle and church fascinating. We did manage to get back down to the cafe on the site in time to have a cornish afternoon tea of scones, jam and clotted cream...double yum!!!

The view from the mainland to St Michael's Mount.

The view from St Michael's Mount back to the mainland.

After our visit we backtracked a little to another fishing village called Mousehole. If we thought the streets in St Ives were narrow this village gave a whole new meaning to the word! It is absolutely gorgeous and again full of pubs, cafes and art galleries. Unfortunately a lot of the galleries were closed (by this stage it was about 6:00pm on Easter Sunday), but the pub was open so we stopped so Richard and I could have our respective beer and cider. The pub was chocker block, but we did manage to squeeze into a corner table and be amused watching some of the locals....a guy and girl on an obviously first date (we suspect it won't work!) and the local fisherman getting cranky with the local taxi company over the phone because the taxi was going to take a while to get there!

Dinner last night was in a gorgeous old pub. I guess old is a bit of an understatement as it was built in the fourteenth century. It is one of those wonderful buildings that you often need to duck as you move around in it and it has the chocolate box look of a thickly thatched roof. It is just stunning.

Ok looks like I am going to have to tell you about today another time it is nearly 11pm and this little black duck needs some sleep. Take care and hopefully I will be back to add more very soon.

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