Tuesday, 27 September 2011

At home and loving it!

I know I left you somewhere in Rome last time, but honestly the two and a bit weeks we have been home have just flown!  We have been to Melbourne to see one of the most wonderful people in the world...my Mum.... and I have been doing 'stuff' around the house.  I have rediscovered a couple of garden beds (probably not even a tenth of the way there!), sorted a few cupboards and parts of the house ( I need to times what I have done there by 100) and most importantly, spent time with our beautiful daughters (love you Ash and Jade) and with our grandson Harry.  Add to this list that I have been doing an online art course called 'Supplies Me' with the incredible Jane Davenport that is up there as one of life's treats!  She is a brilliant teacher and in just three short weeks she has us all doing the most amazing journal pages!

Here are some of the things I have done with her:

Sketching with coloured pencil to learn about proportions and how to draw the parts of the the face

Starting to learn to blend coloured pencil for the face. 

Drawing a bottom and back! 

Blending and using watercolours 

A journal page using a textured gesso background, coloured pencils and water colours 

Same as above (I used feathers as my texture!)

 I bought myself the portrait set of prismacolour pencils....I am so glad I did!

Anyhow as you can see I have been a little distracted...but so has my love!  I got a glimpse of what retirement might look like for the two of us tonight.

Richard has started building a new model railway (it's not a trainset!).  He was busy sorting out a locomotive and I was drawing and painting.... the kitchen bench is under there somewhere!  Yep it is bliss!  I will try to get back to Rome soon and then Thailand!

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Jane said...

wow. that's a lot to take in. Your drawings are fabulous, really fabulous. The one of Jazz brought a tear. Richard looks engrossed in his trainset (i mean model railway!!!). Whatever you two do and whereever you are I have no doubt you will be happy. Jane x