Sunday, 9 October 2011

Art and Rome!

I returned to work at my old school last Tuesday and am surprised at how easily I have just slipped back in.  Admittedly I have no preparation or planning to do, no assignments to mark, and so it is only really school hours without the normal extras!  The up side is that it has not interrupted my work on my art course too much!  The initial plan of me working there two weeks and then going to my new school has not come off, so I will be at my old school for four weeks and then we will see! I have to say it is lovely to see some of my old students again!

I thought I would share a couple of the pieces I have made for the course first and then some more photos from Rome finally!

This was drawn as an exercise in shading. The idea was to try different media and to build up the layers to provide the illusion of the sphere.

With this one I was trying to practice shading with blending of pencil and so I shaded the balls with the main colour, a darker colour and white.  I then used what I had learnt to shade the girl's back!  I am so excited about how much I am learning!

At the moment I am working on a page using markers.  I have never really drawn with them before, but have to say that I am pleased with how it is progressing!

Ok so let's do a quick side trip to Rome...

We visited the Colosseum

...and of course Harvey had to jump in front of the camera!

We were amused by the games of 'Cat and Mouse' played by the Police (see the car on the opposite side)......

....and the illegal street vendors (see the guys running with their white sacks!) 

We were in awe of the age and the beauty of Rome.....

.....inspired by beautiful and ancient artwork.

Just look at the beautiful folds in this robe!!!

We visited the archeaological site across from the Colosseum and were impressed by the fact that they are still excavating!

We made daily visits to our favourite (this trip anyway!) Gelateria.

...aahhh that 'pruna' or plum flavour was absolute heaven!!! 

...and of course had to revisit the Trevi Fountain to throw in our three coins to make sure we would return to this beautiful city! 

When we left Rome we did it in style!  We flew business class so Harvey got to chill out in the comfy chairs in the lounge while we enjoyed food and drinks before our flight!

 The food on the plane was fabulous and the space even better.  We were on the top deck of the plane....something we both admitted we wanted to do when we were children!!

...and yes Harvey got to enjoy the experience too!

 Got to love that husband of mine, he sure has a way of making dreams come true!!

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Jane said...

aaah. what a great post Ali. Your drawing progress is superb. Your husband sure has a way of making dreams come true, and I think that is reciprocated pretty well too! love to you both. c u v soon. Jane x