Friday, 25 November 2011

Filled with Joy (One for Jane)

I have been following this blog since it started a few weeks ago and decided that I would add to it today.  The idea is to blog about the things you are grateful for or joyful about.  So here goes:
  • I am so grateful to have friends in my life who encourage me, like my wonderful friend Jane this morning encouraging me to blog today!
  • I was so excited to complete the 'Supplies Me' online course with the wonderful Jane Davenport and as a result be able to produce artwork like these:
Fairy Dust



Just Relax

  • I have just started another online course with Jane Davenport called 'I Heart Drawing' and did this for my very first assignment:

  • and I have finally started to get Christmas organised!
So yes today I am filled with JOY!!!


Jane said...

I am gong to make your other middle name "joy". thanks for sharing. your work has developed so much, it beautiful to see, absolutely. I love the background chicks behind Madonna. love and big hugs for being so clever! Jane x
ps. going over to the joy jam blog now.

Ali said...

Jane they are part of the book I am making this in. It is an old 'Golden Hands' that I am re-purposing as a journal.

Louise@ the HeART Center said...

Thank you so much for joining the "Joy Jam" this week - YAY! Thank you for sharing all your lovely artwork from the e-course. Lots to be thankful for. Enjoy your weekend xx

Hannah said...

Wonderful artwork!