Friday, 20 January 2012

A quick reminder!

I just noticed that JoyJam is up on this blog and after my week decided that I needed to remind me, that there were some things that made me smile!

1. Receiving support from my beautiful daughter at just the moment when I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  I am so proud of you and love you so much Ash!!

2. Spending time with my ever so gorgeous grandson!

3. Spending a day drawing while watching the tennis!

4.  The kookaburras laughing in our garden (who wouldn't smile at just the sound of these wonderful birds) and we are blessed by them several times a day.

5. The evening 'debrief' with the love of my life!

 What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?


Ttfredmond said...

Can all 3 - 5 be my precious "Ninn Ninn", after a horrible week he's been my sanity - magic what that boy can do for a bad day

Ali said...

Sure can Tam! Give him great big hugs from his Aunty Ali! xxxx

stacie said...

My kids great school reports, spending time with my friends crafting, and walking my dog. Thanks for reminding me to think of the happy things today!

Jane said...

1. having you as a friend
2. trusting myself to take a leap of faith this year
3. knowing that it's only two more sleeps until school returns!!

and another three, just for the road....

1. having you as a friend
2. watching my chooks chase moths around the backyard
3. marrying that guy with the smile in his eyes.

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Unknown said...

Loved reading your joys. You sound like a joyful lady.

Jenny said...

Beautiful post Ali... and gorgeous pic... how alike you both are...
Thank you so much for your visits... and sweet comment... really appreciate it... it sure is one fun challenge :))

Jenny x

Tracy Verdugo said...

so happy to stumble upon your blog Ali!
My 5....
♥having a butterfly family of four flit around my husband and my faces for several seconds reminding us of our love (after a rough day!)
♥meeting our 18 year old's new bf and finding him an absolute sweetheart
♥ having time to play in my studio
♥ our lost ( 3 weeks) kitty coming home safe but skinny! We think he might have gotten locked in someones garage!
♥Watching our 14 year old become such a beautiful young woman inside and out! :)