Saturday, 25 December 2010

White Christmas in London

Well we have had no more snow today, but the ground is still white and the day was still decidedly chilly!  Our Christmas Tree, lights and decorations were from Homebase and were a £10 'Christmas in a bag'.  Quite the buy we thought and not bad for a tenner!  We have had a lovely day sharing the Christmas joy with Sam and his two mates Brad (second from the right) and Luke (on the far right).

We started our day with Christmas Carols playing, drinking a glass of  buck's fizz (champagne and orange juice) and croissants, jam and cream to eat for breakfast.  The yummy, yummy devon clotted cream!  So the the same start to the the day (with the twist of devon clotted cream) we have in Australia.  We opened our presents, the first and most important being the Santa hat for my love from Sam.  Sam was a bit dissappointed that he did not remember to bring the 'real' Santa hat from Australia, but Santa had to settle for one that Sam searched high and low to find in London.

After opening our gifts we sat around for a while and all made some phone calls to Australia.  It was great to talk to my beautiful Mum! Richard cooked lunch, with a little bit of help from me - well all I did was make the cointreau butter to go with the pudding, but it was delicious!  I also was able to speak to both Adrian and Ash absolute bonus!  They were with Cheryl's girls, so life for our kids was back to their early years in some little way!  I added the next photo so you can see my darling husband busily cooking in our tiny kitchen, the turkey on the bench and the snow in the woods across the road!

A few minutes later and our lunch is on the table, but poor Richard is looking a bit stressed!  He was worried it would get cold, but I have to tell you that it was THE most delicious meal!  The first time I have ever had homemade cranberry sauce - how good was that - extremely!

This afternoon has been spent with full bellies watching Terry Pratchett movies on TV.  First 'The Colour of Magic' and now in the evening 'Going Postal'.  Have to love Pratchett!

Anyway, I will skedaddle off again.  I hope your Christmas day was wonderful.  I certainly enjoyed my first ever white Christmas.  Love and best wishes to you all. XXXX


Jane said...

Happy Christmas to you all! i laughed and cried as usual as i read this latest blog. two words for Richard... love the slippers! Ali - what book did you get? i saw Hervey up on the bookcase. love the view from the kitchen. beautiful to hear that the bond between Cheryl's girls and Ash and Adrian is still strong. Universe at work on behalf of Alison and Cheryl!
i have to say, Richards expressions and your beautiful smile, and the guys amongst it make you all look like a sit-com family where you'll always laugh and Richard will point out the obvious. Love it.
We had a nice quiet christmas day at Brads. i got Jane Kennedy's new cookbook... "OMG! I can eat that?" love it and can't wait to start trying new recipes. her pizza base is made from zucchini and egg, sounds v different yet fabulous doesn't it. Stella got the junior Masterchef cookbook, so we're going to take each other on in the kitchen!
Steady rain falling here and a lot more to come. we picnic't at North Pine Dam the other day, which is at approx 98% capacity, very pretty.
two words for Alison... people stuck in Paris! good luck, lots of love and enjoy the next adventure.
Jane xxxx

Johanna said...

But where is Sam Mac? Love the Snow in the wood across the road! Can't believe my eyes! Good to see you had a great day, was good to talk to you Aunty Ali! xoxoxo

Ali said...

SMac arrives tomorrow. It was great talking to you very briefly my love. And even better you kids had spent even part of the day together! When is the big move happening? Lots of love to you all. XXXX