Sunday, 20 February 2011

Happy Birthday Dooks!!

Well my 'baby' girl turns 24 today.  I know we always say it but it really is very hard to believe that 24 years have gone since the day we welcomed that noisy little bundle into the world.  We were in a hospital ward in Sydney with three mums and their baby boys.  The boys had sweet gentle little cries.  My little bundle of sugar and spice had I am sure, the loudest cry in the whole hospital.  The nurses could hear her from the other end of the ward and at one point said she HAD to go into the nursery because she was disturbing the whole ward! 

Well that noisy bundle managed to grow into one of the most delightful young women to bless this planet....and I do not believe that is just a biased Mum speaking!  Happy Birthday my love, may you have the most wonderful year ahead.  With all the joy you bring to those around you, you deserve every ounce of happiness that is possible!

Ben took this photo of Ash at I when they were visiting the UK last year.  It is one of my favourites of the two of us together!

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Jane said...

Here's cheers to Ashie. Not surprising really that Ash has grown into such a wonderful, confident young woman. Look at her Mother, what a role model!!!
much love, Jane xx