Sunday, 13 March 2011

Athens highlights

I just thought I would do a quick catch up today as I really have not had a lot of time with the start of the new school half term.  Athens was brilliant, even though there was an attempt made to pick my pocket on the metro!  I caught the person before she was able to take anything.  She obviously denied everything.  I know what I felt and am sure that it was only because she failed that I was able to confront her.  Thank heavens for all that 'useless' art gear at the top of my bag burying all the valuables like wallet, mobile phone, ebook and camera!  I had my pencil case and water colour paints in easy reach for the way for her!  Some pickpockets just have no sense of what is really important in life! I on the other hand will remember which way to carry my bag in the future!  The catch goes TOWARDS your body Ali!!!!  A sickening but useful reminder!

Anyway, even though that happened we had a brilliant time!  Here are a few of our images from Athens:

The view as we flew over the alps!

The flea markets at Monastiraki

My Birthday Cake!

Dogs sleeping on the glass in the square near the flea markets at Monastiraki!

'Mind the Gap''s all Greek to me!!!

Sharing the day I turned 50 with the love of my life..... the Temple of Zeus in the background while we are at the is brilliant!!!

I saw olives on a tree for the first time ever the same day I found out my new granddaughter's name is Olive....had to take a photo!  Wow was that tree laden and were the pigeons ever feasting!

A view from the parthenon back across Athens.

The small temple along side the Parthenon

The Parthenon...lots of scaffolding around it....but WOW it is amazing and well worth the visit!

The Temple of Zeus - The original olympic stadium!  It is over 2500 years old (so at 50 I am a real baby!)

As I said a quick catch up.  We took nearly 400 photos in Athens so this is a very limited sample!  We had the most wonderful time and really enjoyed our visit.

On a sadder note, our dog Jazz passed away yesterday morning in Australia.  Rest in peace our beautiful Jazz-a-Belle, you will be sadly missed by the whole family and all those who had had the honour of meeting you.  Such a beautiful girl!


Lillipilli Lane said...

Oh My Goodness. What a life you have Alison! Enjoy my dear. Congrats on your little Olive

Concetta said...

Hello Alison
it was very lovely to meet the other Saturday. Your trip looks so good! I grow olives here in my garden and we have even eaten them!