Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Today is the longest day of the year here in the southern hemisphere.  It has been the most glorious day in Hervey Bay! A breeze has blown all day and that has kept the humidity down.  I have been busy most of today: going to the gym, doing a bit more Christmas shopping, doing some ironing, sewing and drawing.  I also wandered my garden with my camera for ten minutes again.  We have some beautiful flowers at the moment.

The hibiscus are stunning.

The frangipani are always a delight, but these ones don't have the perfume of some!

 For the past few days these two have been regular visitors (they spent most of today day feeding in our back garden but did zip around the front for a dip in the pond!)

To me the day's most important celebration is that of the birth of this wonderful lady 89 years ago!  I won the Mum lottery on the day she gave birth to me.  She is one of those truly amazing women.  Incredibly intelligent, strong and resourceful.  I love you Em as do all of your children and grandchildren (happy birthday to you too Kylie!).  We are all blessed to have you in our lives!

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Tracy Verdugo said...

Hi Ali! Your intro on Life Book just caught my eye! I have a carpark fairy too AND work in special ed. I'm one of the Life Book teachers and live just a bit down the road from you in Jervis Bay, NSW...lovely to meet you....looking forward to sharing the Life Book journey! You can find me on my blog at or join me on FB and in our Magically Mixed Art group there xo