Friday, 16 December 2011

A Week of Smiles!

Just had to do a 'Joyjam' entry today because it sure has been a week full of lots of things to make me smile!  Tuesday was a brilliant day.   Lunch with my two beautiful children which included sitting listening to the story of my daughter's last day of her first year of teaching (all the other teachers had one or two students from their calsses turn up for 'clean-up day' - Ashy had 15 of her Year 6 class!  My son's story was no less inspirational as he told me how he had led a major project to help a mate in need.  He co-ordinated an incredible effort to help out.  Just makes a Mum's heart swell to hear the stories that her children are going ahead and making a real difference in this wonderful world of ours.

Major smile number two for the week came when one of my wonderful friend and I went to see 'Cold Chisel' on Tuesday night.  The concert was fabulous, but I think the biggest smiles....well actually belly laughs, came as we ran to the car through torrential rain after the concert!  We were both completely drenched and at times running through ankle deep water, splashing like two five year olds and laughing hysterically!  It was topped off by the rain stopping just as we got to the car and then the two of us singing along to 'Cold Chisel' songs as we drove home. Sometimes it is absolutely the simple things in life which bring the greatest joy.  Here's a 'long arm' shot taken of Jane and I before the concert....mmm it's a bit off centre .....I think I need to practice these more!

Next big smile was all day Wednesday when Jane and I visited an art store, had lunch in one of our old haunts from years ago and then found some bargains in 'Spotlight'!  Just got to love this sort of shopping with a friend!

Thursday's smiles came when I had the chance to talk on Skype with some of the students I taught in London and a few of the wonderful staff members I was inspired by in my time there.  I miss these people incredibly and to have the chance to chat was just brilliant!

.....and today I just had to think of some of the things I am grateful for to start smiling all over again!

  • the ability to go to the gym to keep fit
  • my art which continues to be one of life's true treasures

  • receiving things in the mail (60 new paints!...ooohhh can't wait to play with them!).  'Lots of colours' has always brought a smile to my face!

  • being blessed by loving and being loved by my darling
Who wouldn't be smiling I say!!!!


louise@the heaART center said...

Hey! thank you for joining the "Joy Jam" this week. So many things to be joyful for and I love your sketches! Happy festive season to you. xx

Jill said...

I love, love, love the peak at your shimmery toenails in the picture with the box of new paints.

Thank you for being such a good mom.

Thank you for being a teacher.

Thank you for your awareness of the many joys of your life, which certainly can't help but bring joy to others.

Ali said...

Thank you Jill and Louise for both taking the time to comment. Jill the toes just peaked there way in without me realising at first. When I spotted them after uploading the photo here I too loved their appearance! It's great how 'work' like being a Mum and teaching can be such a blessing in our lives.

Lindsay said...

60 new colors, wow! Lovely! I can't wait to see what you are planned to do with those. :)
And also nice to hear you are surrounded by true deep connections. Beautiful smiles!

Have a nice weekend! :)

Lindsay said...

60 colors, wow! I can't wait to see what you are planned to do with those!
And so nice to hear you are surrounded by true deep connected. And such a nice picture also. Beautiful smiles. :)

Have a nice weekend!

Ali said...

Thanks Lindsay