Sunday, 10 January 2010

Camden Markets

Today we visted the Camden Markets. It was freezing cold so we had to be well rugged up. The water in the lock was partially frozen and we had the occasional flurry of light snow during the time we were there. I bought the hat I am wearing in the photo and a new pair of Doc Martin boots. I always thought I would hate the cold, but at the moment I am absolutely loving it. To go out I am wearing tights, thermal leggings, thick socks, jeans and boots on the bottom half and today I had a thermal top, polo neck jumper, jacket, fleece and then my new wool/cashmere coat on the top. This was all topped off with a pashmina scarf, my new hat which is pure wool lined with fleece and then sheep skin gloves ... and yes with all this on I felt somewhat larger, but most importantly toasty warm!

I found myself walking down the High Street in Camden smiling at how much fun I was having. It is incredible how alive a change can make you feel.

Tomorrow I will be back at work. I arrived in London just over two weeks ago and started work last Monday with a pupil free day, On Tuesday I had a day with 5 out of 6 of my students but that was it as the rest of the week the school was closed due to the snow in London! I am really looking forward to getting back into it.

The time off was a blessing in disguise as it enabled us to find a place to stay. We will move in next Saturday to a two bedroom 'cottage' they call it. In Australia we would call it a Terrace. We now need to organise the furniture properly. We have had a few gliches with that process, but as with all things it will work out at some stage.

I have been journaling since we left Australia on the 27th December 2009 and may at some stage try to add some of my pages here - need to work out the technicalities there. The photo on this blog is the first I have ever added so I will see how that goes and maybe add some more soon.

I am hoping this is a more accessible for many of you than Facebook has been. I will add more soon. As Ash would say 'Mwah'!


Unknown said...

So it,s the 2 of you who took the bad weather over there. Have a great 12 months.


Wal Nutley said...

It's all good news. Stay well and WARM and do not forget your sunburn cream

Nic Hohn said...

you guys looks so cozy!sounds like you are enjoying the winter, the snow and the layers. way to go!

Coralie said...

there IS something comforting about layering up... Such a very Victorian thing to do too! Build up the layers so that when you need to, the layers can be reduced.... trouble is I always left one layer at school and by the end of the week I had most of my clothes at school.
I have nearly finished writing the Social and Community unit for term 1... then the enjoyable unit writing for the f15 kids next.... finished the cartooning unit.Weather is hot, dry and humid... expecting rain for the weekend. Today was the second dry day since christmas....