Monday, 25 January 2010

Our Half Term Holiday Plans

Back again! Just thought I would share some excitement with you all. We have made the plans for our half term break in just under three weeks times - well of course I am using the royal 'we' here and should more acurately say 'Richard'. We actually leave here on Valentine's Day and will be going to Marrakech in Morocco for a week. What a romantic way to start our first break here.

Richard has booked us our accommodation for the week in a riad named 'Coq Berbere'. You may be able to Google it to have a look. (Note to self - learn how to add links).

Today has been quite busy for me. I have more planning to do for the next few days, so need to go. I thought I would add a few more photos for you from yesterday. Enjoy!

Just loved these pinecones

Another of the wonderful seed sculptures.

A close up of the mute swan's head.

A quick thank you to all those leaving comments. They are greatly appreciated. As Ash would say 'Mwah'.


MissTurner said...

Just checked out Coq Berbere, wow! You guys are going to have a blast!!!

Coralie said...

So... how will you get there? Boat, plane, train and ?????

All sounds absolutely fabboloss!!!!

Connor has so far enjoyed his first two days at high school.... wants money for tuckshop already!

Ali said...

We are flying via stop over there though, maybe another time. Glad to hear Connor is doing OK. Send him my love, hope all is well with you too. XXXX

Lillipilli Lane said...

Love these. Great photography Al:)

Ali said...

Thanks Keryn. So good to have you visiting too and as my first official follower. XXX Thanks for the reminder to set it up. I didn't even know I needed to.