Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday already!

I know I promised to get here more often, but I can't believe it is Sunday already! This week has been frantically busy, with me now taking over the role of class teacher completely. For the first 3 weeks...well two really because three days out of the first week didn't happen due to snow...I had another teacher showing me the ropes. This week I took over and have to say I have loved it! I now have 5 Asperger's boys in my class (one has been moved to even up numbers between my class and another) The boys are all very different and all hold their own challenges for teaching. I am learning so, so much!

I basically run an individual program for each student so I am planning for five separate lessons, all day, five days a week....those teachers reading this will appreciate the enormity of the task! It takes many, many hours of planning and preparation to do this and I love it! The school is fantastic. Lots and lots of very supportive people. They have asked me to join the advisory committee for the group (it covers at least 5 schools) on dealing with students with Asperger's and the issues surrounding providing quality education and support for them and their families. I am really looking forward to this challenge!

This weekend started with me going to the pub with a few of my workmates. English pubs are so relaxing, then coming home for dinner with Richard.
On Saturday morning we awoke to find that we had had some light snow overnight. I just had to take a few photos.

Our postage stamp sized backyard yesterday morning.

The view from our front door with the Highgate Woods across the road. The sun on the trees and the fine covering of snow on the ground was incredibly pretty.

Footsteps down from our door.

Tim met us here and we drove to Bromsgrove to see Richard's Mum and Dad. His Dad is not doing too well and is bedridden at the moment. Pat is waiting to hear from the local services as to when they will be able to provide a hoist so that the carers will be able to get John out of bed again. It is very difficult for them both. Richard's second son Jon also met us there. It was lovely to see both of Richard's UK kids. At the moment they are both training madly to run in the Paris marathon in April. There were many brotherly jibes about the respective regimes and the hoped for outcomes. They will both be running the full marathon and raising funds for the Alzheimer's Association here in the UK. We are going to Paris for two nights to cheer them on and then on to Amsterdam (Tulip time!!!!). Mark another one off the lifetime dream things to do!

I drove home last night...the first time I have driven in London. I don't really know why I haven't driven before. A few weeks ago it was the snow on the ground and I guess since then I have had no real need to do so. I thought it was about time I got behind the wheel. It is no different to driving in either Sydney or Melbourne, just a few slightly different rules!

Today has largely been a day devoted to work. I got up before 8 this morning to watch the Aussie Open final and started work while I did so. I have spent most of the day on the computer planning and preparing for this week. I did go into our backyard and prune the two roses and the one hydrangea we have! We also went for a walk in the Wood and took a few photos. Just as we were setting off there was a flurry of snow, but it didn't last long. It was cold and we were well rugged up. There were many, many people in the Woods. Some running, many walking their dogs and lots of kids on bikes. It is a well used area of about 26 hectares I think

A pathway in the Highgate Wood - love the moss on the trees, such a glorious colour.

The coffee shop in the's only a few minutes walk from home!

Ice on the of life's experiences you apparently must have as a child is stomping the ice puddles...48 is not too old is it?

As I do this we are sharing a bottle of wine and just relaxing!

Stay tuned....I will add a couple more photos in the next couple of days.


Coralie said...

I await with anticccccccipatttion for each new installment.... I just love to read about your adventures. I am very (VERY) impressed that you DO have time to get out and about so early in your new school year. I would be a complete mess as I tried to adjust to a new system and plan and plan and ..... plan!

Oh!!! do jump in the ice.... one of life's must do's.... just like tulips and Paris and ..........

WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR BACK YARD? Is that a drain under your steps there????

Pruning.... that'd be right.... ever the gardener!
I rained yestrerday and has not stopped! We are on the after math of Ex tropical cyclone Olga at present. Some wall in Hervey Bay broke and threatened houses.... we are having some good KING tides at present! Rain, glorious rain. Even out west. Should be a good chance that Lake Eyre may get some of this too!!!! Wooo hoooo! Rain... Rain.... Rain!

I will content myself with weekly installments of your blog, as I check daily anyway!!! don't over do it, heh???? love ya heaps

MissTurner said...

Mum, you're never too old to stomp in puddles!

Your planning sounds crazy! But isn't it soooo satisfying when it's a success! It's such a great feeling.

We have to skype soon!

Love you xoxo

Ali said...

Believe I stomped....just wondered what the locals were thinking! Coralie if you are talking about the think on the corner of the deck, I think it is meant to be a mini waterfeature of some sort...not sure really!

The roses and the hydrangeas were beggin to be pruned. Very leggy, and just about to burst into bud. Hopefully my endeavours will improve their flowering.
Lots of love to you both. XXXXX