Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sloshing Around

Today we took the boys out to a local farm to go horseriding. When we got there, there was way too much snow on the ground for it to be safe to do so. We patted two of the horses, Harvey and Violette and sloshed around in the mud. We followed bird tracks in the snow and looked across the fields where we could see tracks from a fox. It is strange to be thinking of foxes as being a good sign in the ecological state of an area. I have decided I need a pair of 'Wellies' as it was definitely not good for the green Docs today. Not to worry they did come out of the ordeal as good as new!

Tonight we are off to Ikea when Richard finally gets home from work to sort our furniture so that it can be delivered to us on Saturday morning...we hope! It will be an interesting night on Saturday night if the furniture is not delivered on Saturday, as we will have no bed! I have to say we are really looking froward to getting into the kitchen and cooking up a feast. We have found some halfway decent curry pastes so all should be OK.

I am nearly though my first full week of school and my head is still spinning. I will finally be meeting student number 6 on Monday for the first time. He will only be coming to school on Mondays and Tuesdays at this stage as he has a few anxiety issues related to attending school and dealing with the behaviour of some of the other students. We hope to build up his tolerance and attendance as we go.

I may not get back here for a couple of days. We are not 100% sure how quickly our internet connection will become active. Hopefully not too long though.

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Coralie said...

gum boots will be a good idea. Get yourself some big thick woolly socks before your try them on,. After growing up on a dairy farm where 80% of your work is in gumboots, its a good idea to have thick socks... or better still, two pairs on. Gum boots do not keep your feet warm......hope you are in your new abode and you have cooked up a storm. Robert went fishing this morning and caught a trevally.... fish for tea! brain food....