Monday, 11 January 2010

School's In

No photos today although I wish I had had my camera with me during recesses and lunchtime. We were outside playing....brrr! The janitor had cleared the area by mounding all the snow around the fences (it is an asphalted courtyard). I had lessons from the boys on how to build a snowman. It was an enormous amount of fun being taught the best way to roll a snowball for the head and how to pack the snow for the body. They are amused by my lack of experience in that field and were so impressed that they could teach their teacher something so basic.

It was a bit of a tough day as they were not used to being at school after having had two weeks break between terms, one day back and then a further three days off. For two of them (there were only four there today) the transition back to school was stressful. Tomorrow is another day so hopefully they will be a bit more settled.

I have a lot learn with respect to dealing with the program we run and the individual quirks of the students. There is an enormous amount of planning and preparation involved as each student has a largely individual program.

On a lighter note the discussion as we walked down the stairs to playtime this morning was the boys' estimates of how long I would maintain my Aussie accent. They seem to be convinced that I will be talking 'just like them' in three months! An interesting concept given that they have different accents! I suggested we should perhaps record my voice now and then again in three months time to see if there is a difference.

Richard had his first day of work today and arrived home at about 7:00pm feeling quite drained. I am sure that we will both settle in to our repective jobs soon.


Jane said...

loving your blog, keep it coming. what do your new docs look like? Jx

Nic Hohn said...

you love a challenge Alison... maybe your boys might pick up some of your Aussie words! xoxo

Coralie said...

what a wonderful way to get to know your boys... snowmen and changes in accent.... great idea about the taping......