Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Day 2 on the road to Spain

Well not a very exciting day folks, just in the car driving through France. I have had MY first drive on the continent and coped well on the motorway and coped with lots of stress even though it was only for a few minutes, in the little town we are staying in tonight. We are in a place called Brive de Guillarde (think the Spelling is right) just south of Limoges. We were on the road by about 10:00 this morning and have not stopped, other than for a quick snack, just motored through the day. We got here about 6:00pm.

We have our trusty GPS for support, although we did discover today that 'Portia' (not sure how to spell it - Ash and Ben christened her that when they borrowed our GPS whilst they were in the UK) is a fake!! Ash and Ben called her Portia because they thought she sounded very posh...mmm. Today as we drove along she called Toulouse TOW-(rhyme with cow)-LOUSE (like the little bugs) and then there was another she mucked up ending in -eaux as whatever it was -WAX. Sorry Ash she failed!!

I thought I might add a few photos from July seeing as though we took none today and I never got around to adding them then!!

Kristen meets Paddington Bear at Paddington Station

Krissy and I being geeks togather at the Roman Bath

A magnificent bust of a Roman Empress found in the Roman Bath as they have excavated it.

The main area of the Roman Bath. Current ground level is basically level with where the people are on the top level the Baths are all under the current ground level and are totally fascinating.

I will try to add more in the next few days. We are about to head out to grab some food!! Bye for now. XXXX

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