Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A new addition

Just over a week ago we drove the three hours to Brisbane to pick up this little guy:

 When we picked him up he was just over 10 weeks old.  His name is Cedar and he is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  I know it is a huge name for a little dog!  They are called Tollers for short. Tollers are the smallest of the retriever breeds and are lively and intelligent.  My hope is that Cedar will enjoy doing agility trials.

We had a long trip home.  His breeder lives on the south side of Brisbane.  We drove the hour to my daughter Ashleigh's and stopped there for a couple of hours.  This gave us the opportunity to see our Grand daughters and for them to meet Cedar.  Below is a photo of Cedar, our eldest Grand daughter, Amelia and her Aunty Ash!  It also broke our trip up a little.  He was great with the kids, but a little nervous of Ash's dalmation!  We then had a three hour drive home and I have to say he was as good as gold in the car.

When we got home he was exhausted and slept soundly on the first night. The second night he yelped and yipped until about 2:00am and was awake again at 4:30am!  On the third night he started his education by listening to ABC radio overnight every night, and has slept through every night since!

He had his first visit to our vet (his breeder is a vet) on the Monday morning and got the all clear.  I have been home with him each day and we have played a lot!  He can now come, sit, lay down, shake hands and give high fives most times he is asked to.

Last Sunday we had our first outing to 'puppy preschool' at the local obedience club.  At first he was a bit apprehensive about the other dogs.  He was great for the first half of the class as far as following our instructions was concerned.  At this stage he decided the other dogs were in fact interesting.  He then lost interest in us and just wanted to play with the other dogs.  So I guess he would get an A for socialising at least!

Probably Cedar's favourite thing to do at the moment is to cool off....it has been up over 30 C here all week here!  His way of doing this is very cute!

This has meant we have had to go out and buy a water container designed for chickens for his drinking water as he can have his water bowl empty within a few minutes; not good in our climate!

I've never tried adding video to my blogs before, but let's see if this works!

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Jane said...

oh so adorable Ali. If you get a smaller plastic bottle (that he can get his mouth around the opening) and put a few of his treats in it, he'll be happy for ages.