Monday, 15 August 2011

Our journey home - day 3

Today we have done nothing but laze around our apartment and go for a short walk in the village we are staying in, Nocelle.

We woke up late this morning about 9:30 I think, and both browsed the internet in bed for a while.  I had heard the church bells about 7:00 I think and then again about 9:00, but had dutifully ignored them!  Last night we went out to the little trattoria called the 'Santa Croche' just 100m or so up from our place for dinner.  We had pizza and it was delicious with buffalo mozzarella, the sweetest and most delicious cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and sweet tender young rocket leaves.  I couldn't eat all of mine so we sat up in bed and ate cold left over pizza for breakfast this morning!  After a very leisurely start I decided to sit out in the shade in the courtyard and catch up on some journalling.

The courtyard 

My shady spot to sit and while away some time

The fig tree I sat under was planted too close to this fence I think!

The first of the pages I created.  

I drew the one on the left yesterday in pencil, but painted the anchor with watercolours this morning and went over the writing in pen.  The page on the right was a little lizard who spent his time staring at me!  He is about 8 inches long and very cute!  The background is a very clumsy attempt at the coast line in water colour - the first time I have ever tried to do this without doing a drawing first! 

The background of this journal page was painted before leaving London.  I have glued on labels from beer and wine Richard and I have had over the past couple of days and written about some of the events of the first two days. (Sorry for some reason the computer is insisting on turning the photo as it downloads into blogger!)

After I finished my journalling I sat and just soaked up the sounds of the village, a few men having a very heated discussion in Italian, a child playing with a dog, a man praying in the shrine opposite our gate:

This shrine is such a cool and peaceful place to sit!

There are shrines everywhere in Italy.  Some of them seem to be in the most bizarre places, but are obviously visited regularly as there are generally fresh flowers in them.  I also noticed the bees visiting this plant in our garden.  There were about five different types of bees I think and the moth.  I only managed to photograph two of the bees!

This one is huge, about an inch long and has the most beautiful iridescent blue wings one of his mates had a great big yellow patch on his back (I presume pollen), but he flew away before I got a photo!

This one is big and fluffy! 

One of the moths. 

In the afternoon we went for a walk and saw this view of the coast:

We also decided to wander down to look at the church (no photos of the whole church because it is behind a big tree!)  But the plaque was beautiful!

The lower part of the building:

The whole village is built into the side of the cliff.  If you want to walk to Positano this is how you go:

We decided to return home and rest some more because it was meant to be a very relaxing day!

We went back to the 'Santa Croche' for dinner last night and took a few photos of the view from there:

The view down to Positano 

The lights coming on in Positano

It is all so incredibly beautiful!


Jane said...

what a great day. Your drawing of the anchor is very good. You are so high up there, it's amazing. Sending love and hugs, so happy for you to be experiencing all this beauty. Jane x
PS. i have two tickets in my possession!!!!! so excited.

Ali said...

Very excited about the tickets!!! And thanks for the comment about my drawing. I decided to get brave and just to start to put them out there!
I am trying to practice, practice, practice!

Coralie said...

I am just so jealous of you and your adventures. I wish I had the time to journal and be creative... seems life is just sucking it all out of me at present. its so nice to read your blogs though... what a place... wow! do relax, do journal... do blog!