Friday, 19 August 2011

Our journey home - days 6 and 7, Positano and Ravello

Yesterday and today have been two absolutely gorgeous days.  Initially Plan A had us going to Naples yesterday, but as we did not want to drive into Naples and we had no internet access to plan our alternative route we decided to catch the bus down to Positano again and go to the tourist information centre to get some advice so that we could head into Naples today.  On the bus trip down we got chatting to an English woman.  She said she had been to Ravello on the previous day and that she would absolutely recommend it.  We didn't really give it another thought at the time....well maybe we did, but we didn't discuss it with each other at the time.  We went into Positano and the Information Centre and found we could drive or catch the bus to a town called Meta and then catch the train to Naples.  Job done, off we went to find some lunch (well for the past few days it has been our one and only meal of the day!) We decided to walk around the headland a bit further than we had previously.

The harbour area of Positano.

The view from the harbour back up to town. 

.....and this is the view back to Positano and the harbour as we walked further around the headland. 

The place with the arches on the right in the centre is where we ended up eating lunch. 

The view towards the west from that beach. 

After lunch we wandered through town a bit more, in and out of galleries and then had yet another gelati and came home!

We woke this morning and Richard 'admitted' to me that he didn't really feel like going to Naples and wondered what I thought about going to Ravello instead.  I breathed a big sigh of relief because I was going to put the same suggestion to him!  So we lazed about this morning and then headed off for Ravello and I am so glad we made that decision.  Ravello is just gorgeous!  Where the pace everywhere else on the Amalfi Coast has been somewhat frantic, Ravello was incredibly relaxed and quiet.  It is inland from Amalfi and is incredibly charming.

The view across from town as we arrived.  I just love all the terraces that are filled with fruit trees and vegetables!

The view across the town square when we first climbed the stairs into town. I just went 'oohh!'

Today's restaurant view as I ate the most delicious tuna cooked in citrus honey and grilled vegetables and enjoyed 250ml of white wine! 

Maybe this is why it is such a relaxed place! 

Notice how quiet it is!  That was one of the things that made it so lovely! 

There were many of these pottery galleries and other art galleries in town! 

... and some gorgeous towers! 

I am so glad we went there today rather than Naples!  

I may not be able to blog for the next week or so as I do not think we will have internet access, but I intend to 'journal' on my computer so that I can download it as a blog or two, or three from Rome!  Tomorrow we head up to a little town called Spoleto in Umbria.  Until next time keep safe and lots of love!


Coralie said...

Ravello looks lovely. I do like thos pots on legs filled with flowers... what are they? It is very hilly.... and very quaint!
Oh! that parking yesterday was a treat!!!!!
such gorgous architecture... what year?

enjoy.... relax.... loveya

Ali said...

They were geraniums and absolutely gorgeous!